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beautiful days

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What beautiful spring days we are having!

I have blue tits nesting in the birdhouse, a blackbird nesting in the laurel bush and my pigeons come down for a drink from the pond every afternoon. I even saw a painted lady butterfly in the garden yesterday together with big bumbling bumble bees!

Surely this must be a touch of heaven on earth?

Healing Hands

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The Healing Hands of Jesus Church.

We open the roof
to lay our loved ones
at your feet.

Great King
surround them with
the shining presence
of your love.

Loving Saviour
Heal their hurts
with your tender touch.

Spirit of fire
give them
new life!

(Gormola Kernewek)

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Easter Saturday….a day of waiting, praying and meditation.

The Kiss of The Sun.

The kiss of the sun for pardon
The song of the birds for mirth
One is nearer to God’s heart in the garden
Than anywhere else on earth

Dorothy Gurney

1858 – 1932


Let the rumble of traffic diminish
and the song of the birds grow clear
and may the Son of God come striding towards you
walking on these stones.

Caroline Moore (for St Aidens chapel, Bradford Cathedral)


Just finding my way round

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I am just finding my way round this blog. I will maybe add a post soon.

Hello world!

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Welcome to my new Blog. I hope I will find something to say.